Granny Cool

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My Story

Doreen Cox is a proud Mum and spirited Granny. The child of a British Air Forces officer, she saw a fair chunk of the world with her siblings. Born in Wiltshire, she has come full circle and now resides on the Dorset coast, where she lives a belly-laughter-life with her husband.

Doreen was inspired to write Granny Cool to create storybooks in which mixed heritage children, like her own, can see themselves reflected. Granny Cool also celebrates a growing generation of grannies who are young, energetic and defined by more than just their baking accomplishments!

A full-time radiologist, Doreen enjoys skimming stones, solving cryptic brain-teasers and landscaping the garden. Most of all, she loves it when her daughter and son-in-law take a much-needed break and drop the grandkids off at her doorstep.